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Wavelink Mobile Manager

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Achieve Your Wireless Possibilities 

Wavelink Mobile Manager is proven software for centralized management of the wireless LAN lifecycle. It enhances the reliability and security of your network and the devices and applications it supports. Mobile Manager can even detect and fix problems on local or remote networks—before your phone starts ringing. With Wavelink, you’ll have better tools, and more time, to achieve your wireless possibilities. 

Maximize ROI on Wireless Networks

Our wireless networks improve productivity and enable innovative new business applications in health care, manufacturing and education. In addition to network infrastructure, software infrastructure is needed to maximize the potential of the networks. For ORiNOCO and other access points, Wavelink Mobile Manager centralizes access point management, enforces security policies, and assists in maintenance tasks – ensuring proper administration of the network and maximizing return on investment. Mobile Manager provides: 

  • Consistent policy enforcement to increase reliability      
  • Integrates into existing management platform, such as HP OpenView      
  • Improved network availability, ensuring maximum access to business applications      
  • Active problem detection and repair to prevent support calls      
  • Proactive tools to reduce troubleshooting time 

Accelerate Planning, Configuration and Deployment

Mobile Manager has auto-discovery and profiling functions to assist in network roll-out. Mobile Manager will automatically detect all ORiNOCO and other access points on the network and apply a standard, administrator user-defined configuration. As new access points are installed, they automatically receive the correct configuration. The centralized management console offers: 

  • Access point inventory collection      
  • Centrally managed security settings      
  • Easy growth of wireless networks, locally and remote      
  • Automatic configuration across all access points

Enforce and Extend Security

Mobile Manager sets, monitors and continually enforces all network security parameters on ORiNOCO access points – including SSID, WEP, EAP, WPA and 802.1x parameters. Beyond enforcing over-the-air security and authentication policies, ORiNOCO devices and Mobile Manager work together to find rogue access points – a potentially serious threat to network security. Specific actions include: 

  • Airwave monitoring by ORiNOCO access points and clients      
  • Analysis of airwave data by Mobile Manager to detect unauthorized devices      
  • Security extended to non-WPA devices such as barcode scanners and handhelds through automatic WEP key rotation      
  • Automatic WEP key rotation for maximum security      
  • Enterprise-wide access control lists

Improve Network Health and Performance

Mobile Manager’s intuitive user interface enables visual assessments of network conditions to allow quick response. Specific thresholds can be set to trigger alerts sent to email lists, pagers or an SNMP monitoring system. Even better, Mobile Manager can proactively diagnose, troubleshoot and repair many error conditions before users are impacted. Monitored conditions include: 

  • Capacity      
  • Utilization      
  • Signal quality      
  • Most and least-used equipment      
  • And many more

Download the Wavelink Mobile Manager data sheet - PDF Version