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Products Unlicensed Radio WiFi ORiNOCO Mesh Creation Protocol Software Kit for AP-4000

ORiNOCO Mesh Creation Protocol Software Kit for AP-4000

Add Mesh functionality to your AP-4000. ORiNOCO Mesh Creation Protocol Software Kit delivers auto-forming, self-healing, non-line of sight mesh backbone to your existing ORiNOCO AP-4000.

Highest Capacity Meshing software for the AP-4000 Delivers Flexible, Scalable, and Reliable Voice and Data for Large Metropolitan and Enterprise Wi-Fi Deployments

ORiNOCO Mesh Creation Protocol Software Kit delivers voice and data for the AP-4000 over Wi-Fi to the edge of a network over a flexible, auto-forming, self-healing, non-line of site mesh backbone. The dual-radio architecture separates the mesh backbone traffic from the edge access traffic, doubling the capacity compared to single-radio mesh architectures.

The ORiNOCO Mesh Creation Protocol (OMCP) enables mesh backhaul and Wi-Fi coverage on the same radio, while the second radio is used exclusively for Wi-Fi coverage. 

  • Twice the memory of competing APs, ensuring software upgrade capacity  
  • Industry-leading throughput with 802.11g and 802.11a simultaneous operation  
  • Super Mode allows Super Mode-capable clients to get double the data rate as standard clients while simultaneously allowing standard Wi-Fi clients to communicate with the access points  
  • Robust RADIUS accounting and authorization interface enables detailed subscriber usage tracking  
  • WMM/802.11e quality of service support for data, voice and video 

Self Forming/Self-Healing Mesh Is Easy to Deploy

Ease of deployment and integration with the wired network are critical factors in a successful, profitable wireless LAN rollout. ORiNOCO access points excel with key capabilities that simplify WLAN deployment. 

  • Self-forming and self-healing ORiNOCO Mesh Creation Protocol automatically routes traffic through the best path as mesh-enabled APs are added or removed from the network  
  • Tools to speed installation and optimization: automatic channel selection, adjustable transmit power, external antenna connectors. 


  • Fixed Edge Access Provides non-line of site Wi-Fi coverage by automatically routing traffic through the mesh backbone.  
  • Mobile Edge Access Enables Wi-Fi coverage in automobiles, busses, and trains.  
  • Enterprise Lowers infrastructure costs by not requiring Ethernet cabling to every access point.