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ORiNOCO Range Extender Antenna

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The ORiNOCO Range Extender Antenna is an indoor antenna designed to extend coverage and increase performance of ORiNOCO wireless LAN networks. The ORiNOCO Range Extender Antenna is especially useful in extending coverage when the integrated antennas of PC cards are concealed or shielded. The Range Extender Antenna can be used with almost all of ORiNOCO's wireless networking infrastructure and client products, including access points. ORiNOCO - the freedom to build a Wireless LAN anytime, anywhere and any way you want.


  • Use with access point to maintain good range when access point needs to be placed above ceiling     
  • Certified and compatible with the ORiNOCO Classic PC Card, ORiNOCO 11b/g PC Cards, ORiNOCO 11b PC Card, Gold     
  • High performance design     
  • Significant range increase in open spaces and office environments 

Download the ORiNOCO Antenna data sheet - PDF Version