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ORiNOCO Ethernet & Serial Converter

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With the ORiNOCO Ethernet & Serial Converter products your organization can now build a complete wireless LAN solution for in-building connectivity. Now you can wirelessly connect all systems that are equipped with Ethernet ports and/or Serial ports to the Wireless Infrastructure.

The ORiNOCO Ethernet and Serial Converters can be used for the following applications: 

  • Retail; POS terminals and scanners     
  • Office; Printers, Copiers, UNIX machines or systems with non-standard OS     
  • Industrial; Data Collection  

    Any client station that has standard support for Ethernet 10BaseT or a serial port, but do not have extension slots available can be connected to the wireless infrastructure using the ORiNOCO EC(-S). The EC(-S) are easy to install and to use devices that provide cost effective wireless connectivity to Ethernet and/or RS-232 clients.  

    The /EC(-S) unit automatically configures when connected to the Ethernet client and detects the ORiNOCO infrastructure. Customizing the unit parameters can be achieved via the WaveMANAGER/EC tool that is shipped with every unit. In case of an RS-232 client the unit requires simple configuration via the WaveMANAGER/EC or via the RS-232 port.  

    There are two versions:  


    The Ethernet Converter provides connection between an Ethernet Client and the ORiNOCO network. The unit requires the ORiNOCO Classic Card Card (sold separately), and comes with a 5V-power supply applicable for the specific country.  

    The ORiNOCO/EC kit includes the following parts:

    ORiNOCO/EC (with 10BaseT connection) 
    WaveMANAGER/EC (Windows based configuration tool on disk) 
    5 VDC / 1Amp Power 
    Mounting bracket 


    The EC-S can connect an Ethernet device to the ORiNOCO network and at the same time use the RS-232 interface to, for example run a Telnet connection to the network or allow a printer to be connected to the network. This unit also requires the ORiNOCO Classic Card Card (sold separately).  

    The Ethernet & Serial Converter can be used in combination with the following antenna: ORiNOCO Range Extender Antenna.