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ORiNOCO 11b PCI Adapter

Wireless LAN Access for PCI-Enabled Desktop Computers

ORiNOCO 11b PCI Adapter_0904

ORiNOCO wireless technology is the freedom to build a wireless LAN in your home, small office or enterprise. Anytime. Anywhere. And any way you want. The ORiNOCO 11b PCI Adapter simply sits in a free PCI slot. Once locked on the board, the 11b PCI Adapter forms a Wireless Network Interface Card (NIC). The 11b PCI Adapter extends wireless LAN access to desktop PCs and is compatible with all IEEE 802.11b compliant wireless LAN systems.

Incredibly easy to use

The ORiNOCO 11b PCI Adapter provides wireless LAN access for desktop computers equipped with an available PCI slot. The ORiNOCO 11b PCI Adapter is controlled single driver that makes it easy to install and easy to use. The ORiNOCO 11b PCI is supplied with an ORiNOCO PCMCIA Card. 

Bus mastering guarantees optimal PCI Bus performance

The 11b PCI Adapter implements a DMA controller (Direct Memory Access) to optimize data transfer between computer memory and the 11b PCI Adapter. This implementation of Bus Mastering reduces PCI Busload from approximately 30% to approximately 6%.  

“Wake on LAN” support

“Wake on LAN,” a desktop PC remote management feature, is supported. The 11b PCI Adapter can be set to constantly monitor the wireless LAN even when the desktop PC is switched off. The PC will boot up to enable remote management when the 11b PCI Adapter receives a “Magic Packet.”  

PC Card lock

The 11b PCI Adapter is equipped with a lock to prevent the removal of the PC Card after installation, making it difficult to remove the PC Card without first having to open the PC. 

Download the ORiNOCO 11b PCI Adapter data sheet - PDF Version