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TeraStar EtherAnt

TeraStar EtherAnt_1005

TeraStar EtherAnt is a powerful 802.11b FCC certified unit that offers the lowest entry price for a point-to-multipoint (P-MP) outdoor wireless equipment. It is designed for the residential market as a cost-optimized solution, and is the client side of a wireless P-MP network. This all-in-one unit includes an embedded 18 dBi antenna and a 2.4 GHz radio. Because of its outstanding feature set and affordable price, the EtherAnt provides the best value in the outdoor wireless industry. The EtherAnt works with any 802.11b compatible Access Point, and features true plug-and-play installation allowing for rapid deployments.

Easy to Install

With the EtherAnt you don't have to worry about complicated client installations, no more worrying about driver conflicts with various OS, and, best of all, you don't have to open up your PC! Simply plug the EtherAnt directly into the client computer's Ethernet adapter and you are ready to go! Also, because the radio is in the antenna, there is no coax cable loss. Up to 300 feet of Ethernet cable (ordered separately) between the DC injector and the antenna can be used with no signal loss. Just plug the outdoor Ethernet cable into the Cat 5 DC Injector, and then into the PC or Router, and you're done. Since it is FCC certified for nonprofessional installation, it is legal for the customer to do self-installation.

Extend Your Coverage with the EtherAnt-LR

Two versions of the EtherAnt are available: the standard series EtherAnt with an integral 18 dBi gain flat panel antenna, and the EtherAnt-LR with the addition of an integrated bi-directional fixed amplifier to boost range and improve reception.

Key Features 

  • Flat panel antenna with 18 dBi gain and 18° beamwidth     
  • Weatherproof – designed and rated for outdoor use     
  • Antenna is only one inch thick and 14 inches square     
  • Can be mounted in either vertical or horizontal polarization     
  • Mounts either to a wall or antenna mast up to 1 fl inch diameter     
  • Remotely Configurable and Manageable based on IP address via an embedded Web interface


  • 802.11b client designed and built for outdoor use     
  • Ideal solution for providing wireless Internet access to distance clients     
  • Communicates with any Wi-Fi™ compatible Access Point     
  • Radio and Ethernet Converter built right into the antenna     
  • EtherAnt-LR features an amplifier inside the antenna that largely extends the possible coverage     
  • Professional installation not required by FCC Part 15 Rules