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BreezeNET PRO.11 Indoor

BreezeNET provides an ideal wireless solution for indoor applications, satisfying a wide range of customers: from small to large corporate enterprises, campuses, educational and medical institutions, transportation, manufacturing, retail and warehouse facilities, municipalities, temporary venues, and remote offices. BreezeNET’s versatility surpasses the limitations of wired networking.

BreezeNET PRO.11 indoor products adhere to the IEEE 802.11 standard, working seamlessly with other 802.11 Frequency Hopping wireless LAN products. The products' open architecture supports standard computer platforms including PCs, Macs, Unix workstations and pen tablets — as well as any other device with an Ethernet connection.

BreezeNET PRO.11 products are designed for maximum performance and reliability. Operating in the 2.4 GHz unlicensed ISM band, BreezeNET offers data rates of up to 3 Mbps, at distances of up 150m (500ft) indoors, and roaming speeds up to 100km/h (60mph). BreezeNET’s antenna diversity technology ensures robust and high quality reception.

Installing BreezeNET PRO.11 is easy and speedy. Network managers can easily add it to existing networks. The wireless network is operable in a fraction of the time it takes to cable and install traditional wired Ethernet networks. In addition, BreezeVIEW, an advanced multi-platform SNMP management application, can manage BreezeNET. 

  • IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.3-compatible            
  • WEP-Wired Equivalent Privacy (RC4 encryption & authentication)            
  • Load balancing – balances the load among collocated access points            
  • High speed roaming            
  • Connects to any standard Ethernet port            
  • Power saving enables handheld devices longer battery life 

The Benefits of Frequency Hopping

  • Excellent Multi-Path Rejection            
  • High Radio Density and Scalability            
  • Simple Deployment - No Frequency Planning Required 

Workgroup Bridges

The BreezeNET PRO.11 Workgroup Bridge (WB) provides wireless connectivity of Ethernet networks to the Access Point. The WB is fully transparent to both network protocol and applications, ensuring plug-and-play installation. With the basic antenna pair, the radius of a single cell covered by a standard AP can reach up to 3000 feet (1000m) in open space.

The WB together with the AP is the ideal solution for wireless connectivity of remote networks to the central backbone.

BreezeNET PRO_WB10_0904
Supports up to 256 stations.
LAN interface 10BASE-T.
Data rates of 3Mbps.
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Access Points

The indoor Access Point (AP) is a wireless hub with integrated antennas that allows the computers and other equipment connected to wireless Station Adapters to communicate over the network.

The AP transmits data from the wired LAN and server resources to wireless clients, which can be stationary or mobile.

Used as a wireless extension to a wired network or alone as a totally wireless network, the AP connects directly to the 10Base-T Ethernet backbone via an RJ-45 connector.

Access Point PRO_0904
Data rates of 3Mbps.
Providing aggregate backbone data up to 15Mbps.
Transmission range up to 150m (500ft).
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Station Adapters

The Station Adapters (SA) allow end user computers and networking devices to be connected to the enterprise network over a wireless connection, offering an optimal solution for places that are hard to wire - such as open spaces, warehouses and temporary venues.

These universal client adapters (a single-port and a 4-port wireless “mini-hub”) connect to any RJ-45 10BASE-T Ethernet port, providing a true plug-and-play wireless solution for all computing and peripheral devices, without the need to install additional drivers or configure the hardware. 

Station Adapters 0904
Single 10BASE-T Ethernet RJ-45 port Station Adapter, providing a plug-and-play wireless solution for computing and peripheral devices.   
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Station Adapters_2_0904
"Mini-hub" containing four 10BASE-T Ethernet RJ-45 ports.
Provides a plug-and-play wireless solution for computing and peripheral devices.  
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Download the BreezeNET PRO.11 Indoor data sheet - PDF Version