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BreezeNET DS.11

BreezeNET DS.11_0606

Now Available With VLAN Support

The BreezeNET line of 11 Mbps DS.11 Wireless Outdoor Bridges is ideal for connecting LANs in distant buildings at speeds approaching those of wired Ethernet. These exciting new products are IEEE 802.11b HR standard compliant and operate at air interface speeds of 11 Mbps. Moreover, the products have unique features designed specially for outdoor applications, making them the best wireless building-to-building solution available today in the unlicensed 2.4GHz band market.

The BreezeNET DS.11 Wireless Outdoor Bridge products have an indoor/outdoor architecture with a baseband interface, which is unique for products in this class. The indoor unit supplies power and data connectivity to the output unit, which contains the baseband interface and the front-end radio. This special design eliminates the use of expensive, high loss RF cables and enables the bridges to operate over vast distances (up to 25km in FCC and 10km in ETSI). The maximum cable length between the outdoor and the indoor unit is 90m (280 feet).

The products include a DS.11 Base Unit, which acts as the central site of a point-to-multipoint network, and a DS.11 Remote Bridge, which connects to an individual remote LAN. Up to 128 Remote Bridges can be simultaneously connected to a single Base Unit, forming a single wireless LAN.


  • Indoor-outdoor architecture for maximum range and reliability            
  • Optimized for outdoor building-to-building point-to-point, point-to-multipoint applications            
  • Cost effective backhauling BreezeACCESS Base Stations            
  • Linking MDUs to the central location            
  • Dynamic output power range for maximum distances in all regulatory domains
    (-4 dBm to +24 dBm) 
  • Up to 25 km (15 miles) distance in FCC and 10 km in ETSI at 11 Mbps            
  • VLAN Support            
  • Very high sensitivity: -85 dBm at 11 Mbps            
  • RC4 40-bit key WEP encryption            
  • IEEE 802.11b and 802.3 compatible            
  • Effortless installation            
  • Extensive LED diagnostics including 10-LED RSSI bar display for easy antenna alignment            
  • Easy maintenance allowing multiple units configuration and multiple units remote upgrade            
  • User friendly configuration and management utility


The BU-DS.11 Base Unit is used to connect the central site to up to 128 remote sites. The base unit connects directly to a 10Base-T Ethernet network via an RJ-45 connection. 

BU-DS 11 Base Unit_0904
Base Unit with integrated 16 dBi flat panel antenna. Supplied with 20m baseband cable.   

BU-DS 11 Base Unit_2_0904
Base Unit with N-type connectors for connecting detached external antenna. Supplied with 20m baseband cable.   


The RB-DS.11 Remote Bridge connects a remote Ethernet network to the central site via the base unit, and can handle a network with up to 1024 stations. The remote bridge connects to the Ethernet network via a 10Base-T RJ-45 connection. 

BU-DS 11 Base Unit_0904
Remote Bridge with integrated 16 dBi flat panel antenna. Supplied with 20m baseband cable.  

BU-DS 11 Base Unit_2_0904
Remote Bridge with N-type connectors for connecting a detached external antenna. Supplied with 20m baseband cable.   

Download the BreezeNET DS.11 data sheet - PDF Version