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Tsunami Multipoint Wireless Point-to-Multipoint System

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Tsunami Multipoint, the highest capacity point-to-multipoint solution available on the market today, quickly and easily connects networks between buildings within campus environments and enables service providers to offer a robust variety of services to growing numbers of subscribers.

Cutting-Edge Technology Delivers Carrier-Class Performance

The Tsunami Multipoint wireless Ethernet system delivers cutting-edge technology built on over twenty years of wireless innovation at Proxim. Advanced features deliver reliable, cost-effective alternatives to legacy leased lines, while delivering superlative network performance. The combined throughput and reliability make the Tsunami Multipoint systems perfect for high-performance campus networks, and densely populated last mile Internet access. Proxim point-to multipoint innovation includes:

  • Patented Active Interference Rejection (AIR) technology, which uses a pre-processing filter to nullify interference in the 5.8 GHz band 
  • Proxim’s finely honed wireless transmission protocol, which delivers 200% better throughput than competitors, achieved through protocol efficiency gains 
  • Specialized traffic prioritization algorithms and VLAN functionality, enabling latency-sensitive application performance 
  • Unique Ethernet plus power technology, combining power and network connections into a single Cat5 link 
  • Connections engineered with true carrier-class 99.995% reliability 

Simplify Operations and Cost-structure

Tsunami Multipoint dramatically simplifies the installation and maintenance of high-performance network links. These results translate into a quick payback period relative to leased lines, and have many direct cost-saving benefits.

  • Private infrastructure eliminates recurring monthly leases and bypasses telephone tolls 
  • Outdoor weatherized Subscriber Unit allows system maintenance without entering the subscriber’s building 
  • Single cable design eliminates installation labor and expense 
  • Antenna connectors facilitate coverage area “shaping” and reduce initial infrastructure costs 
  • Audible tones guide directional positioning, allowing one-person installation 
  • Remote SNMP management proactively detects issues 
  • Unlicensed band operation eliminates regulatory delays and fees/costs 

Unrivaled Performance Trounces Competition

Performance, capacity and scalability are critical concerns in designing business networks. Whether it’s expanding service footprint or connecting buildings on a new campus, system performance dictates the success of critical applications. Tsunami Multipoint offers:

  • Industry-leading 60 Mbps and 20 Mbps over-the-air transmission rates 
  • Unrivaled 54 Mbps and 18 Mbps throughput rates 
    • 200% higher than closest competitor 
  • 99.99%+ effective interference prevention, yielding superior performance in high-density areas 
  • Base Station Unit support for 1000+ Subscribers Units, scaling to network and subscriber demand 
  • 6 miles/10km range, easily linking sites and extending VoIP functionality 


  • Last mile access 
  • Extending VoIP service to remote sites 
  • Leased line replacement 
  • Fast service deployment into multi-tenant, rural areas 
  • Campus networking 

Download the Tsunami Multipoint data sheet - PDF Version