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Rural Telephony Overview


Fixed wirelesss technology can be used to extend high-quality voice, data and video to locations with no telecom infrastructure.

Our Fixed Wireless systems easily extend the telephone network dial tone when traditional copper wireline connection over utility poles (or buried) would be either physically difficult or cost-prohibitive.

Our products provide an advantage in cost, distance, security, quality of service, power consumption and compact size over other wireless or wireline solutions. They are designed to connect directly into public or private networks without third party converters or adaptors. They are used in areas not easily served by landline systems due to economics, reach or terrain considerations.

The applications range from Carrier-Class telephone service to high-speed Internet access, including:

  • Rural or remote home & business data, fax, internet and telephony         
  • Temporary or emergency phone service         
  • Secure Government and Military         
  • Public safety         
  • Private networks including SCADA         
  • High speed internet connectivity         
  • Private Phone Line Extension         
  • Leased Line         
  • Wireless LAN/WAN Ethernet

Applications & Solutions


  • Rural Telephony      
  • Wireline retrofit, overlay of exhausted wireline systems      
  • Remote homes, tourist getaways, businesses      
  • Inaccessible or Environmentally sensitive lands      
  • Internet Cafes      
  • Calling centers      
  • Temporary & Emergency restoration      
  • Public Safety lines      
  • Secure Emergency lines      
  • Corporate Tie lines      
  • Oil fields & Offshore Rigs      
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)      
  • Construction sites      
  • Remote mining and industrial sites      
  • Private Networks      
  • Video and security monitoring