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Trailblazer Star


Small Point to MultiPoint "on a pole" system with capacity for up to 64 POTS lines (voice, fax and dial-up modem) and up to 512 kbps 10BaseT Ethernet data and distributed to up to 32 remote customer premisis from one master unit.

It extends these POTS lines and/or data circuits up to 32 miles with RF Line of Sight.

It integrates direct FXO, FXS, and data connectivity at the RJ11 analog level, and in the case of the data circuits, at the RJ45 level.

The FXO "master" unit can support any combination of up to 32 "slave terminals with two, four or eight POTS (128/256kbps) circuits per terminal.

In addition to the standard analog "2-wire" interface, the "Master" unit can also be equipped with a Mini-Network Interface Card allowing a digital single T1/E1 (GR303/TR08/D4/V5.2) interface with the PSTN network.  


Product Description Digital Microwave Radio
with a Programmable V.35 Synchronous Data Port 
Air Interface Proprietary Time Division Duplexing
with Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum 
Overall Data Throughput Rate512 , 256, 128, 64 kbps, selectable from configuration GUI
End-to-End System LatencyLess than 5 ms
System Range:
w/Optional External 24 dBi Antenna
30 miles (48 km) Nom w/ 16 dB Fade Margin
and Interference Free Spectrum 

Download the Trailblazer Star data sheet - PDF Version