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IP921-OEM  - Wireless Industrial Serial and Ethernet Gateway

IP921-OEM, a 1.1Mbps 900MHz Wireless Frequency Hopping Gateway! 

We introduce the IP921; 900MHz Frequency Hopping Radio Modem supporting wireless communications upto 1.1Mbps at 900MHz. This product combines Frequency hopping and DTS schemes to provide a robust solution for integrating industrial Ethernet and serial devices into IP/Ethernet networks, the IP921 allows Ethernet devices to share high speed wireless media and provides a wireless gateway for network applications to access serial devices. IP921 also features flexible maintenance utilities and network management facilities.

This Gateway features a receive sensitivity of -105dBm and a full 1W of output power using FCC and IC Modularly approved radio engine. We give you speed over long range communications and does not drop rate over distance.  In fact, you will find that Radio modems out perform many low data rate narrowband and spread spectrum serial modems.

Total Network Management Ethernet and Serial Devices

The IP920-OEM is not just a bridge - It is a Serial and Ethernet gateway. The IP920-OEM provides both simultaneous Serial port and Ethernet wireless communications in Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Repeater, and Peer-to-Peer modes of operation. This includes two channel serial servers. Advanced networking features include TCP, IP, UDP, ICMP, HTTP, UDP, ARP, TCP serial server, TCP client, virtual COM port.  

The IP920-OEM features secure 256Bit AES (export restricted) or 128 WEP encryption was well as fast frequency hopping and channel level encryption.

Development Kit 




IP921-OEM Features

• Standard 1.1Mbps or 345kbps wireless link rate will not degrade over distance
• Long-range -105dBm @ 345kbps , high-speed communications with excellent receiver sensitivity
• Robust Frequency Hopping
• 136dB system gain with unity gain antenna
• User-selectable Tx power from 100mW to 1W
• Two serial ports with RS232/485/422
• Serial Data Rates 300 baud to 230.4kbps
• Point-to-point, Point-to-Multipoint, Repeater, and Peer-to-Peer
• Advanced serial port supports legacy serial devices including RTS, CTS, DSR, DTR and DCD signals
• Wireless Firmware Upgrades
• System Wide Remote Diagnostics
• Wide Input Voltage (12-30VDC)
• Optional Class 1 Div 2
• Industrial Temperature Range : -40 to 85 Celsius
• Din Rail Mountable

Networking Features

• User interface through local console, telnet, and web browser
• 256 Bit AES, 128 Bit WEP Encryption
• 32bit CRC Error Check and ARQ
• System wide Diagnostics and system wide webserver
• Bringing industrial data into IP/Ethernet networks
• TCP,IP, ARP, DCHP server, DHCP client, HTTP, UDP, ICMP
• TCP server, TCP Client, Virtual COM 
• Network management capability with SNMP
• Local and remote wireless firmware upgrading through FTP

System Wide Real Time Diagnostics and Remote Configuration

• Voltage
• Temperature
• Log File
• Radio Error Statistics
• Serial Port Statistics
• Ethernet Statistics
• System wide Diagnostics and remote Configuration using SNMP, telnet, Webbrowser
• Local and remote wireless firmware upgrading through FTP