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Products Unlicensed Radio Telemetry and SCADA Modems Telemetry and SCADA RF Modem Applications
Telemetry and SCADA RF Modem Applications 

RF Modem Family

Autonomous / Airborne Vehicle CommunicationsIrrigation SystemsRobotics
Buoy Data CommunicationsLighting ControlSCADA
Data LoggersLottery TerminalsSeismic Monitors
Digital ScalesMilitarySurveying
FlowmetersOil & Gas WellsVehicle Data Telemetry
GPS Receiver CommunicationsPC Remote Control & AccessVehicle Tracking
Hazardous Site MonitoringPhone Line ReplacementVideo (live and still frame)
Industrial ControlsPower MetersWater & Wastewater
Internet AccessRadio & TV ControlsWeather Stations