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Products Unlicensed Radio Telemetry and SCADA Modems MHX-2400 OEM Wireless Modem Development Kit

MHX-2400 OEM Wireless Modem Development Kit

MHX 910A OEM Wireless Modem Develop Kit_0605

MHX-2400 OEM Wireless Modem Development Kit

The MHX-2400 Development Kit is the ideal kit for OEM developers to design and test systems that will utilize the MHX-2400 OEM wireless module. Included in the kit are: 

  • Two MHX-2400 OEM modules 

  • Two MHX Development Boards 

  • Two 12 VDC wall adaptors 

  • Two rubber duck antennas 

  • Two antenna cables 

  • Two serial cables 

  • Manuals 

  • Schematics 

The MHX development board is a functional carrier into which any MHX module can be plugged, allowing direct communication with a PC or other standard RS-232 compatible data terminal equipment. It facilitates both evaluation and demonstration of the MHX, and includes schematics to allow quick and easy integration of the MHX into customer applications. The board contains a DB-9 RS-232 port, power jack, and a number of indicator LEDs including RSSI, TX and RX. RS-232 drivers convert the MHX-2400’s serial TTL levels to RS-232 levels.