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Products Unlicensed Radio Telemetry and SCADA Modems MHX-920 - Professional OEM Wireless Modems

MHX-920 - Professional OEM Wireless Modems

Top End Performance

The highest performance modem!  
MHX-920 is the fastest Frequency Hopping serial radio ever - 230.4kbps!

Excellent Sensitivity -112dBm gives long range communication.

Very High rejection eliminates the need for expensive and cumbersome cavity filters required with other radios.

Power adjustable in 1dB levels give you the highest system gain by exactly complying with the 36dBm ERPI.

Dual ports allow for real time diagnostics and transparency. Diagnostic Tools including Internal Spectrum and Network Analyzer gives real time Site Surveys.

MHX-920 features 128Bit Encryption Key to protect your system.

Internal Frequency Segmentation allows simple frequency planning for fixed and roaming applications.

Fast Frequency Hopping, Low latency, High throughput gives you the wired-like performance over long range.

Low operating current consumption - receive,  sleep, sniff, shutdown. 

The MHX-920 is available in the standard footprint or with a high voltage option

 MHX-920 with High Voltage option_0605

MHX-920 with High Voltage (HV) option

Download the MHX-920 OEM Wireless Module data sheet - PDF Version


  • RF Rate upto 230.4kps (SW adjustable) 
  • Excellent Sensitivity -112 dBm 
  • Long range > 60miles 
  • Output Power 1W adjustable in 1dB steps. 
  • Output Power 2W for Military/Export Sales 
  • Serial Baud 300 - 230.4kbps 
  • Superior strong signal performance high noise immunity 
  • Low power consumption Sleep, Sniff 
  • 128 Bit encryption key 
  • Dual Com Port Real-time Transparent System Wide Diagnostics 
  • Advanced Automatic Frequency Segmentation 
  • Wide input voltage 8VDC to 30VDC (optional 50VDC Input) 
  • RS232 , RS485 (2Wire 4Wire) / RS422  (SW Selectable) 
  • Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Unlimited Repeater 
  • Peer to Peer, TDMA, Mulimaster, Slave Master Switchable 
  • Class 1 Div 2. Groups A,B,C,D option 

Real Time Diagnostics

  • Online Real Time System Wide Transparent Diagnostics 
  • True VSWR Measurement  
  • Forward Power, Reflected Power 
  • Temperature 
  • Battery Voltage 
  • Transmit Current, Receive Current 
  • RSSI in dBm 
  • Frequency Drift 
  • Noise level in dBm 
  • Alarm Indicators 
  • Packet Statistics 
  • Firmware Flash Upgradeable 


  • Systems Gain 144dB with rubber ducky 
  • Improved Rejection and Sensibity over MHX-910 product 
  • 16 times the Flash, 32 times the RAM , 20 times Horsepower 
  • High performance 32 bit processor and Parallel processing FPGA 
  • Firmware Flash Upgradeable 
  • Reduce power consumption in RX and TX mode 
  • Excellent low signal and multipath performance. 
  • User selectable optional FEC 
  • Data port DB-9 for RS232   
  • Power and RS485 / RS422 Data port through 16 pin connector  
  • FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and IC (Industry Canada) approved