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MHX910A High Volume OEM Frequency Hopping Modem MHX-910A OEM Wireless Module_0605 

The MHX-910A is a frequency-hopping 900 MHz spread-spectrum communications module providing the industry’s most robust and cost-effective means of providing embedded long-range data communications between industrial serial communication devices. 

This unit is modular certified to a full 1W, where other competitors fall short of a watt of power, thec gives long range performance unlike any other modem.  This unit is both FCC and IC approved at the modular level for quick integration. 

The MHX-910A can be ordered with a HV (High Voltage) option which allows an input of 8 to 30VDC and RS232/485/422 level or can be order in 5V TTL levels.

Download the MHX-910A OEM Wireless Module data sheet - PDF Version


  • Full Compatibility with the MHX-910 and Spectra 910 

  • Long range 60 miles Sensitivity -108 dBm at 175kbps and 1W output Power 

  • 127 independent frequencies. 

  • Transmission within a public license-exempt band of the radio spectrum 

  • Size of a credit card  

  • TTL logic level UART interface 

  • Industry-standard AT command line interface 

  • Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Repeater, Peer-to-Peer 

  • User controlled addressing. 

  • User-configurable encryption key maximizes security and privacy of communications  

  • Repeater mode, with no restriction on the number of repeaters  

  • 62 different user-selectable pseudo-random hopping patterns to offer the possibility of separately operating multiple networks while providing security, reliability and high tolerance to interference. Some hopping patterns avoid different segments of the 902-928 MHz band. 

  • Built-in 32 Bit CRC error detection and optional Forward Error Correction (FEC) 

  • FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and IC (Industry Canada) approved at the modular level 

MHX-910A HV Option_0605 MHX-910A HV Option  

  • Quick Integration with 14pin header 

  • RS232, RS485 (2 and 4 Wire), RS422 

  • V+, V-, RXD,TXD, RTS, CTS, DSR, DCD,
    DTR, RS485(A,B,Y,Z) 

  • Low Cost - High Volume integration 

  • 8-30 VDC