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Enclosed Wireless Modems

Ethernet Products and Serial Gateway 

The IP product line is a complete wireless solution for integrating industrial Ethernet and serial devices into IP/Ethernet networks. The IP921 supports communications upto 1.1Mbps over long range, while the IP920LC offers the lowest cost IP solution. All IP products use a frequency hopping scheme to provide the most reliable communications over long range in fixed and mobile applications. The IP920/IP921 supports both high Ethernet and serial protocols. The IP supports a very rich set of of Internet protocols including network management and remote upgrade utilities.

IP921    (1.1Mbps) - Highest performance
  (345kbps) - Mid Range Speed
 (172kbps) - Lowest Cost Solution

Transparent Ethernet Products 

Simple Ethernet Bridging products deliver long range communications. This Ethernet bridge delivers a full 1W of RF power products. We offer both a 900MHz and 2.4GHz version. 

SpectraNT 920    (900MHz - 345kbps)
SpectraNT 2400  (2.4GHz - 115.2kbps)

Serial Products

High Performance Industrial Serial FHSS Modem. The Spectra 920 is top end wireless modem.  The Spectra 920 has improved rejection and improved sensitivity at an unprecedented 230.4 kbps over the air.  This modem features controllable output power in 1dB steps up to 1W. Other features include sniff and sleep mode.  This modem also has a separate serial and diagnostics channel and supports RS-232,RS-485/RS-422.

Spectra 920     (900MHz - Highest Performance)
Spectra 910A   (900MHz - Lowest Cost)
Spectra 2400   (2400MHz - Serial Modem)

Wireless Multipoint IO Products

Low Cost Cascadable Wireless Analog and Digital Input/Outputs. Multichannel 16bit Analog and Digital IO transmitted Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, and with Repeater Options.